Jos.  De  Decker
Dendermonde 1912-2000

Standing  Girl                                                  1970

Bronze, cire perdue - Dark brown patina with rich nuances
79 x 23,5 x 13,5 cm                   31.1 x 9.3 x 5.3 in

signed, numbered and foundry-mark on the base
edition of 4 ex. E.A.
foundry D De Groeve, Hansbeke

Exhibitions: Retrospective tentoonstelling Jos. De Decker Stadhuis Dendermonde 7-30/11/1997

Jos. De Decker Aimé Stroobants Dendermonde 1997 p.150 ill.p.110
De Dendermondse School doorheen twee eeuwen kunstacademie, 1800-2000 Dr Jean-Pierre De Bruyn, Aimé Stroobants, Brigitte Rosseels Dendermonde 2000 p.271 

Jos De Decker became a pupil of the Academy of Fine Arts in Dendermonde in 1928 at the advice of the painter Jan Maes (1876-1974), a friend of the family. He followed until 1933 classes in sculpture by the artist Alfred Courtens (1889-1967). On demand of his teacher he worked for one year in his Brussels studio. From 1931 until 1935 he attended classes at the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he had the sculptors Victor Rousseau (1865-1954), Jacques Marin (1877-1950) and Egide Rombaux (1865-1942) as his teachers. Until the end of the 1930’s Jos De Decker worked in the Brussels atelier of Rombaux. In his hometown he made fame with portraits of the local bourgeoisie and a handful official orders, among which his monumental bust portrait of the deceased Queen Astrid dating from 1938. In 1941 his talent was rewarded with the famous Prix de Rome.
In 1945 the city of Dendermonde acquired one of his famous bronze sculptures of a nude young woman. Already in this time the sculptor had found his personal style. Typical for Jos De Decker is the depiction of the classical female beauty, full of grace and highly stylised. His refined nature assured that his sculptures radiate rest and simplicity in their elegant pose. Yet in every work lies a sense of hidden dynamism due to the fact that he inspired himself in nature and paid attention to a smooth and dynamic movement of the line. This tension is often the result of one simple gesture of a member or the regard. In combination with the soft modelling they become timeless and show emotion. The texture of the surface often contributes to the vitality and strong expression of these works of art.
From the end of the 1940’s onwards the artist became more and more official and private commands, among which bas-reliefs and medals, figurines, statuettes, fountains and monumental sculptures of huge dimensions from everywhere in the country. Next to this abundant work he had a lot of apprentices from 1952 until 1977 as he did teach sculpting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Dendermonde. In 1970 he was appointed director of this institution, which he reformed and vitalised through an open policy and motivation of his collaborators.
Next to the classical theme of the woman he produced also a great many deal of animal sculptures – principally of  horses. Often the surface of these bronzes is treated in relief, by which light and shadow form a dynamical play of the light. The result is a very impressive sculpture of a horse. Also the group of mother and child and especially children full of joie de vivre are a recurring theme in his oeuvre. By means of suggestion he succeeds in introducing movement and rhythm in these harmonious groups. Time and again the artist results in giving seemingly without difficulty a soul to his idea with a combination of essential lines and forms. Attitude and facial expression render his sculptures to life and contribute to his intended state of mind like diffidence, movement, grace, surrender or pride.
Jos De Decker sculpted in bronze, terra cotta, stone (flawless white marble of Carrara, black marble of Mazy, Vaurion – and Neuville-stone), wood (mahogany, oak and boxwood) and Petit Granit of Soissons or Sprimont.
Jos De Decker participated in numerous exhibitions in Belgium and Europe, e.g. the World Exhibition of 1958 in Brussels. As a successful artist his long list of exhibitions and distinctions points out about twenty personal shows. Many of his sculptures are acquired by public collections.

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